About NARU Ochanomizu

ナルがJazz界の入り口でありたい ~ 本物のJazzをライブ(生)で体感する ~










マッコイ・タイナー p/ドン・フリードマン p/アル・ムザーン ds/マル・ウォルドロン p/ウィントン・マルサリス tp/デヴィット・キコスキー p/ジョナサン・ブレイク ds/ジミー・コブ ds/シーラ・ジョーダン vo

渡辺香津美 g/山下洋輔 p/大野雄二 p/山口真文 ts/大坂昌彦 ds

Since 1969



例えば、当店でビール(¥800 )を注文し、ライブを楽しんだ場合。
ビール(¥800 )+ Music charge(¥3,500)で、合計¥4,300+税になります。
2ステージ楽しんでもMusic chargeの追加はありません。


LUNCH 11:30〜14:00 お休み中
CAFE 13:30〜19:00
DINNER 18:00〜22:00
LIVE 2STAGE 1st 19:00 / 2nd 20:30

About NARU Ochanomizu

We want to be the gateway to the world of Jazz ~Experience real Jazz live~

1969, Ochanomizu

Ochanomizu NARU opened as a sister store of the jazz cafe NARU, which was born in Yoyogi.
Thanks to you, Ochanomizu NARU will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year (2019).

At NARU, we deliver real Jazz and high-quality space through live performances. In addition to performances by talented musicians, there are various live styles such as collaborations with young musicians and jam sessions that the general public can participate in.

Another characteristic of NARU is that it is close to the stage. There is also a seating area in front of the grand piano, so you can feel the musicians’ breathing and winking right in front of you, giving you a sense of unity. We are particular about the maintenance of the piano, the arrangement of the instruments, the use of the space, and the materials of the sofa so that you can listen to the best music.

And authentic food and alcohol that you can enjoy with live performances. The cuisine is Italian-based, and the chef’s native Madagascar cuisine is arranged. In addition, original cocktails made by bartenders also highlight the space for adults.

NARU’s music charge is reasonable, starting at 2,500 yen. There are 3 stages in a day, 45 minutes each, so even people who are interested in jazz for the first time can easily experience live performances without getting bored.

Enjoy real music created by Japan’s top jazz club.

Has been played by

McCoy Tyner p/ Don Friedman p/ Al Muzan ds/ Mal Waldron p/ Wynton Marsalis tp/ David Kikoski p/ Jonathan Blake ds /Jimmy Cobb ds/ Sheila Jordan vo / and more

Kazumi Watanabe g/ Yosuke Yamashita p/ Yuji Ohno p/ Mafumi Yamaguchi ts/ Masahiko Osaka ds / and more

Since 1969

It has been 54 years since 1969, playing jazz in Ochanomizu.
OPEN in the midst of student disputes.
We’ve seen a lot of jazz.
In 2023, we will deliver the current jazz to everyone.


●Example of minimum charge
For example, if you order beer (¥800) at our club and enjoy a live performance.
Beer (¥800) + Music charge (¥3,500) makes a total of ¥4,300 + tax.
There is no additional music charge even if you enjoy 2 stages.
( We ask you to order something each stage. )


CAFE 13:30〜19:00
BAR 18:00〜22:00
LIVE 2STAGE 1st 19:00 / 2nd 20:30
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